North Bear Street
Baptist Church


Single's Ministry

We understand what a broad term "single ministry" is. It can mean the college student right after high school, the single mom or dad, or the retired, ect. In many churches singles are made to feel like they are separate from the rest of the church. Not here, at North Bear Street Baptist Church we want to help you learn more about our Lord, grow in your relationship with him and get the encouragement you need from your church family without being isolated or labeled as "single".

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Youth's Ministry

Although we do plan activities for our teenagers, we strongly encourage them to be involved in our men's and women's ministry and in family worship. We believe that teenagers both give and receive much from being with adults.

Our youth have been very involved over the years in everything from prayer groups and Bible study, to ministering in the community, working with our children's programs, and even the remodeling and repairing the church.

We believe in encouraging our teenagers in their walk with God and in helping them develop in the area of ministry that is best suited to who they are.

We also want to support our parents. The teen years can be both a joyful and painful period of life and want to help teach parents and teens what the Bible says and how it can help guide them through this time.

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Children's Ministry

We encourage strong families, along with a strong Christian church family. We enjoy a family integrated worship and fellowship time after service. We believe that children benefit from learning to worship alongside their family and other Christian adults and children.

The men and women of the church plan activities throughout the year that are designed to include the children and some that are child oriented learning and fun.

The Bible speaks a lot on parenting and we encourage parents by helping them understand how to apply the Bible to their relationship with their children.

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